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If you’re worried Vercel’s built-in analytics product might at some point randomly charge you $300 overnight (😰), you probably have another analytics service that you use for sites and apps.

In my case that’s Simple Analytics which I’ve been happily using for over 6 years with no surprises.

The privacy-first Google Analytics alternative - Simple AnalyticsSimple Analytics is the privacy-first Google Analytics alternative that is 100% GDPR compliant. Give us a try!www.simpleanalytics.com

Using external analytics with the App Router

Things have gotten slightly complicated with Next.js 13 and 14 when using the App Router.

  • Vercel’s docs about Script Optimization are not very clear on how to set up external analytics that have a <noscript> fallback.

  • next/head is being deprecated and is not recommended for React Server Components and SSR.

  • You can still use next/head with the App Router rather than the metadata object but the penalties are unclear.

Here is a snippet that uses the new next/script method while also providing a <noscript> fallback when someone has JavaScript disabled in their browser.

Add it to your app/layout.tsx file:

1import Script from "next/script";
3export default function RootLayout({ children }: { children: React.ReactNode }) {
4 return (
5 <html lang="en">
6 <body>
7 {children}
8 <noscript>
9 <img
10 src="https://<your_custom_sa_domain>/noscript.gif?collect-dnt=true&hostname=<your_website_domain>"
11 alt=""
12 referrerPolicy="no-referrer-when-downgrade"
13 />
14 </noscript>
15 </body>
16 <Script
17 strategy="afterInteractive"
18 async
19 defer
20 src="https://<your_custom_sa_domain>/latest.js"
21 data-collect-dnt="true"
22 data-hostname="<your_website_domain>"
23 />
24 </html>
25 );

✦ You can adapt the code above to work with any other analytics provider that also has a <noscript> fallback option.

Getting all the data

To make sure all your visits are being tracked correctly, you should set up a custom subdomain for Simple Analytics. This way your script will bypass ad blockers.

✦ Avoid using common words like analytics or stats in your subdomain name.

I’m also using the data-collect-dnt attribute to overwrite the default behavior of not tracking people with DNT enabled.

There is no identifiable information being collected so I don’t see a reason not to track those visits. Everything is anonymous.

Dashboard showing the most recent visitors to my website.

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